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Streamline your operations with Economy Industrial Services—with 40 years of experience and innovation in Insulation, Scaffolding, Fireproofing, Coating & Blasting, and General Labor.

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What We Do

Comprehensive Industrial Solutions Across The Gulfcoast

Economy Industrial Services (EIS) is a premier, women-owned business that has been delivering excellence in industrial solutions since its origins in 1984. With a rich history spanning nearly four decades, EIS was formed through the merger of Economy Insulation and Texas Fire and Holewatch in 2020, solidifying its reputation as a comprehensive provider of critical industrial services.


We specialize in a wide array of services including Insulation, Scaffolding, Fireproofing, Coatings, General Labor, and Safety Attendants. Serving an extensive range of clients throughout the U.S., EIS is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and value.


EIS offers expert insulation solutions designed to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. Utilizing advanced materials and techniques, we tailor our insulation services to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Icon showing construction workers assembling scaffolding at a building site


EIS provides robust scaffolding solutions tailored for safety and efficiency. Our versatile setups support all industrial activities, ensuring reliable access and stability for construction and maintenance projects across Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Icon illustrating spraying fireproofing material in a construction zone


EIS delivers comprehensive fireproofing services to enhance the safety of industrial facilities. We apply cutting-edge passive and active fireproofing techniques to protect structures, personnel, and equipment against fire hazards, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Icon representing abrasive blasting and coating service at a refinery

Coating & Blasting

EIS offers specialized coatings and blasting services both onsite and in-field, including Thermal Spray Coatings, Lead Abatements, and Tank Linings. Our expert applications ensure durability and compliance, enhancing the integrity and safety of your industrial assets.

Icon representing general laborers engaged in various industrial tasks at a work site

General Labor

EIS provides versatile general labor services, available independently or alongside our maintenance and capital projects. From operations support to project management, we ensure high-quality execution and efficiency, tailored to meet your project's unique demands.

Icon representing safety attendants at a work site

Safety Attendants

EIS offers professional safety attendant services to ensure stringent compliance and secure working environments on all projects. Our trained attendants are dedicated to maintaining safety standards and operational integrity throughout the duration of your project.

Why Partner
with EIS

Icon featuring a shield representing industrial safety standards


Economy Industrial Services (EIS) upholds the highest safety standards in the industrial sector, embodying a commitment to secure and efficient operations. Our safety protocols are integrated into every project from start to finish, ensuring that all practices, equipment, and personnel adhere to stringent safety regulations and client specifications. With specialized training for all staff and continuous monitoring of safety measures, EIS fosters a culture of safety that not only meets but often exceeds industry standards. This proactive approach to safety protects our clients, their projects, and our team, maintaining EIS's reputation as a leader in industrial safety solutions.

Icon of a checkmark inside a verified badge, symbolizing high-quality assurance


At Economy Industrial Services (EIS), we deliver the highest quality of work on every project by adhering to meticulous standards and employing skilled professionals with decades of industry experience. Our comprehensive service range, from insulation to scaffolding and fireproofing, is executed using only top-tier materials and the latest technologies, ensuring unparalleled performance and durability. EIS’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our precise attention to detail and the customized solutions we provide to meet the specific needs of our clients, setting us apart as a provider of premier industrial services across the U.S.

Icon of employees and partners, representing excellent value in industrial services


Economy Industrial Services (EIS) firmly believes that the foundation of our success is the respect and value we place on each employee and partner. We cultivate a workplace where every team member is empowered, contributions are recognized, and opportunities for growth are abundant. Our collaborative environment ensures that everyone from on-the-ground workers to management is involved in and crucial to the decision-making process. This inclusive approach not only enhances our service delivery but also solidifies strong, respectful relationships across all levels of the company, reinforcing our commitment to integrity and mutual respect in every interaction.

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